Heart Connections
Heart Connections Yield Unique Results That Mean Most to His Clients and Their Future Endeavors.

Daymond Has Always Connected With His Business Clients

I didn't know this for quite some time, but I had always thrived on heart connections, ever since I initiated my very first creative design project for my very first business client. There is a specific event in my life on which I often reflect, because had it not occurred, I would not have found my bearings as quickly as I did in business.

Invitation Design Paved the Way for Daymond & Co. Creative to Thrive!

It all started when I was a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana. I had graduated from college. I was well underway starting my technical career. However, I also sought to retain my creative talent and seek out opportunities to put my freelance creative work out there. Then one day, a friend of mine mentioned a party was coming up. Everything had been thought about: the location, the decorations, the guests, the attire, and lots of other details. However, one major thing had been forgotten . . . THE INVITATION.

With no hesitation at all, I jumped at the opportunity to help my friend with those invitations. I had no idea how the invitation would look, what it would be made of, what the language on it would be, or anything else.  All I knew is that I would help him! I understood his vision for them. I also knew what he wanted to do for the party, and I could see the sparkle in his eyes when he talked about it. I also knew I wanted to capture that sparkle in my invitation design for him. I tirelessly spent two full days designing, developing, and producing the invitations. With every action I took, piece-part I integrated, and revision I made, I kept my friend in mind. I felt the love he was attempting to put in that event, and I maintained a one-track mind for capturing that!

When the invitations were finally developed, I became nervous. I packaged them all up, and then I delivered them. It was the big reveal! My friend opened the package, and as I observed his actions and expressions, I noticed something wonderful! His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. He was speechless, and when he finally spoke, he said,"This is amazing! You did this? Whoa, you killed it! This is way more than I expected." Then he said, "Hold on." He whipped out his checkbook, and then he wrote a check out to me for my service. I won't mention how much the check was for, but I will mention that this project opened my eyes to realize how I worked, what meant most to my client, and how I could thrive creatively based on the connection I had with a friend. Ever since then, I made it a priority to be very involved in my client's emotional attachment to their projects as well as their tactical needs for success.

Daymond & Co. Creative Has Grown Creatively and Still Puts the Small Business Owner First

When you work with Daymond of Daymond & Co. Creative, you should expect a high level of attention to detail, the solicitation of feedback to ensure your needs are being met, and your thoughts about future endeavors as they relate to every project on hand! Many other marketing design companies only focus on getting your business, getting your money, and turning out a project quickly, which may or may not meet your needs. As a matter of fact, many other graphics and branding companies either skip the data gathering stage for gathering your needs or requirements, or they include that activity for an additional astronomical cost. However, Daymond & Co. Creative is especially founded on the premise of having the small business owner or sole proprietor in mind at all times. That's because Daymond is a small business owner and sole proprietor himself! He knows the importance of balancing budgeting and branding. And when those conversations get started, Daymond further provides coaching services to take his clients to the next level!

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