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Daymond Involves You In the Creative Process

When you work with Daymond & Co. Creative, you always become involved in the design process. And that’s always been a primary benefit each client receives. But Daymond & Co. Creative wasn’t always known as such. In fact, when Daymond initially launched his graphic design and branding company, it was initially known as Moksha Media. That name was very intentional, and it was chosen for a very special reason. Here is the reason why . . .

Daymond Infuses Your Brand In His Work

The word “moksha” is a term in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism for various forms of emancipation, enlightenment, liberation, and release. It’s a term that Daymond became very familiar with as he went through is own personal journey of growth and development. As Daymond sought to take his business to the next level, he also sought to free his clients from the normal experiences they received from other freelance graphic artists, designers and web developers. He did more than simply offer them a set of limited solutions and options; he further coached and pulled out of them unique aspects of their personalities and lives that could be infused in their design projects. Before he knew it, Daymond found himself encouraging each of his clients to infuse their brands in the work he did for them. Today, his business is called Daymond & Co. Creative because it is a subsidiary of his overarching Daymond & Co. Enterprises brand, which is a collective of multiple businesses and services helping others to thrive and succeed.

Daymond's Personal Touch Adds Perfection

Because Daymond & Co. Creative focuses on branding clients while producing design work for them, Daymond yields results that are reflective of what they want and desire. Daymond's clients receive perfect designs that fit them! He ensures this success because he establishes a rapport with them. He initiates each project with informational sessions to learn more about them and their desires for the projects at hand. Even if some clients are unsure about what they need to be successful, Daymond employs his brand development coaching techniques to further them along. Daymond’s personal touch for marketing design, branding design, and web design projects yields the perfect creative branding collaboration you have been looking for!

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