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A SIMPLE Systems Engineering Guide for Success urges you to pursue your success and become your personal best using a success model. It does not condone you mimicking the success of someone else or becoming someone other people think you should be. It further encourages you to do some soul searching before utilizing the solid methodology provided herein known as the Success System V.



Does God speak to you? Are there words that He whispers in your ears to encourage you to live a better life, and to touch the lives of others who are open to receiving your testimony? This audiobook describes the words of a Christian woman whose faith is strong. And it is her desire to share her God-given allegories, prayers, poems, and wonderful mantras by which to live a blessed life with all who are willing to read them. These are the Words of a Praying Woman!



Have you ever experienced church hurt? Maybe it was a leader or a pastor who betrayed your trust, another believer who caused you pain, or the congregation casting their rocks of shame. Maybe you've been the target of lies, ridicule, or simply on the receiving end of disappointment. Maybe you're just tired of church hypocrisy where love is preached but not practiced.



On a quest for self-acceptance, one man will journey over the rainbow to discover a toxic mix of obsession and murder. Denard Lewis clings to alcohol and his professional reputation as a shrewd PR sports agent in an effort to ignore the truth about his own sexuality. Denard's plight, however, is magnified when he becomes entangled in a dysfunctional triangle with his high-profile basketball client, who is determined to have him, and another man suspected in a double homicide. Finding inner peace may be a matter of life and death.

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Many women in our churches are suffering. In fact, the one institution that should be providing them help is the very same one that is beating them down. Never think that men with high positions, especially in our churches, are somehow automatically exempt from doing bad things. You cannot look at a man and know he beating his wife. Undoubtedly, Christian women can get caught up in toxic relationships just like any other women we know. Thus, this is the story of Elect Lady Tosha Kyle—her journey of love, faith, abuse, hopelessness, and finally triumph.

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